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The Best of CDMX (Mexico City)

Looking for the best spots to eat, drink and see in Mexico City? Our CEO Ashley recent got back from a trip and is sharing her favorites below!

(( Maqué Bakery ))

Breakfast Spots

  • Marne (best coffee shop in Mexico City)

  • Casa del fuego

  • Niddo

  • Lardo (try rol de guayaba)

  • Maque

  • La ventana de ticuchi (tlayudas)

  • Molino el Pujol (tacos de aguacate)

  • Taquerias

  • El auténtico pato Manila

  • Cocuyos

  • Orinoco

  • Tizonzito

  • El Califa

  • Taqueria Selene anzures (gringa al pastor)

  • Birria Santa Barbara

  • Casa de Toño

(( Tacos at Orinoco ))


  • Meroma

  • Azul Histórico - close to Zocalo

  • Contramar - best seafood in the city, need reservation or go right at 12 when it opens

  • Pozole de Moctezuma - super authentic place. Get pozole verde

  • San Angel Inn - nice almost country club lien restaurant in beautiful outdoor area

  • Tori Tori Polanco - great sushi and drinks in a cool building

  • Pujol - taco tasting menu if you can get a reservation

  • Maximo bistrot

  • Merkava

  • Los danzantes (south of the city)

  • Corazón de maguey

  • EM

  • La docena

  • Mi compa chava

(( San Angel Inn ))


Things to Do

  • Museo de Antropología (go)

  • Castillo de Chapultepec

  • Templo Mayor

  • Zócalo

  • Xochimilco - party boats through canals, you can BYOB but also have beer vendors that come up to your boat. Must do

  • Frida Kahlo Museum - Coyaocan, awesome neighborhood super artsy

  • Lucha Libre!!! It’s an experience. You can buy tickets there. Arena Mexico

  • Walk around Roma and Condesa

(( Ofrenda at San Miguel Inn ))



  • Limantour - super experimental cocktail bar

  • Gin Gin

  • Departmento - cool club, electronic music

  • Jardin Paradiso - club, DM them to get in. Closes at 1 so would go there and then somewhere else

  • Tlecan( best)

  • Handshake speak easy

  • Hanky panky

  • Fifty meals

  • Mano santa mezcal

  • Mezcaleria los necios

  • El Palenquito

  • La clandestina

Planet. Live it. Share it.

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